My Hail KING friend is at it again!


December 5, 2016


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In one of my other post, I talked about a friend that is the owner of an auto dent repair OKC business and Dallas. He has such an entrepreneurial mind and heart for success and helping others. He was in town the other day and was talking to me over lunch and we started chatting on real estate. He is an accredited investor and is always watching the markets and looking for great deals and opportunities to own more to add to his portfolio. The best part of knowing this guy is he is a networker.

While working in his Dallas shop one day he decided to network with a few real estate buyers in Dallas and he created a way to be able to lease them out space in their huge building to create a situation where he can have a huge building to work out of and also repair the cars during their peak months and not pay a dime for the building as in rent. Genius and not too bad a deal for the building owner. James get more rent than that he was paying and makes a little side passive income too! What a deal… Well, i just thought that maybe a little tid bit of inspiration to all you millennials out there that are struggling to come up with ideas. Don’t ever give up. It’s usually right around the corner and you surely don’t want to be that close and miss the opportunity..



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